CRE evaluation software for real estate developers and investors:

Streamline real estate acquisitions and developments.

Close more deals faster and more accurately.

ProformaPlus cutting edge software:

  • Sequentially Ordered
  • Excel Add-In 
  • Data Driven 
  • Real-Time Visibility 
  • Sensitivity Analysis On The Fly
  • Standardization  
  • High Quality Reporting 

Proven System To Standardize Workflows

Gain competitive edge with our proven system and impress lenders, investors and key stakeholders.

Real Time Project Dashboard

View updates and project summary.

Investor Returns and Distributions

Transparency on returns and distributions.

Cash Flow Model

Quickly and easily adjust variables.

Income Model

Quickly and easily adjust variables.

Link Sharing

Allows working with external team members.

On-the-fly Sensitivity Analysis

Quickly and easily adjust variables

Economic Graphs and Data

Access to information needed for analysis.

High Quality Reporting

Beat your competition with professional reporting.

Transparent pricing designated for your business.

No hidden fees. No overpaying for features you don't need. With ProformaPlus' transparent and competitive pricing plans, you'll know exactly what you're paying for and get exactly what you need.

Pricing starts at:

$299/ MONTH*

* Pricing based on plan. Discounts for additional seats. 

4 Reasons Every Real Estate Investor Should Be Using ProformaPlus


Maximizes The Strength Of Excel:

Recognizes the immense power of Excel in financial modeling and leverages this power by transforming colossal Excel worksheets into condensed, efficient codes. Say farewell to the multiple versions of extensive spreadsheets, and embrace a new era of streamlined financial modeling with Excel add-in.


Intuitive Interface:

Boasts an intuitive interface designed to simplify your workflow. With a user-friendly layout and straightforward navigation, ProformaPlus software offers an intuitive experience that enhances usability and efficiency.


Real-time Collaboration:

Collaborates with multiple team members on the same model simultaneously, making real-time updates and changes through linked file sharing.This collaborative environment fosters teamwork, allowing for faster decision-making and ensuring everyone is on the same page.


Advanced Tools:

Innovative resources at your fingertips giving you the ability to steer your projects confidently, ensuring they stay on course and within budgetary constraints. ProformaPlus software is cutting edge database management that takes the extremely flexible analytical power of Excel and simplifies the complex with accuracy.

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Watch YouTuber, Greg Barron aka The Professor of Real Estate walk through deals using ProformaPlus.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are here to help answer your questions.

No, ProformaPlus eliminates the need for multiple worksheets, a common requirement in Excel. Our software streamlines complex calculations and formulas, reducing human error significantly. We understand the importance of accuracy, which is why ProformaPlus provides certainty in your calculations. Additionally, ProformaPlus offers an Excel add-in feature, allowing you to see outputs in real time. ProformaPlus enhances your Excel workflow efficiency, ensuring accurate results and saving valuable time.

Absolutely. While we are confident that you’ll be satisfied with our services, we understand that circumstances can change. That’s why we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. If at any time within the first 30 days of your membership you decide it’s not the right fit for you, simply let us know, and we will promptly process a refund. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we want to ensure you have peace of mind when choosing to join us.